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About us
November 11th
Film Appreciation.
What helps to make a film interesting or entertaining?

November 25th
Terence Patrick presents
An Evening with Circle 8

Based in Guildford the group has produced many superb productions since the early 60s.

December 9th
Christmas Party.

Always popular annual get-together with hot food and quizzes .
January 13th 2017
Holiday and Travelogue Competitions.

Members reveal where they’ve been during the summer in these two competitions.

Want to make a Movie? Join in the fun and help us make documentaries about local events. We also occasionally do fiction if we get a script - do you fancy writing one?
There are two themes we need scripts for "OUT OF THE BLUE" and "DRAMA QUEEN." How about it!
Try your hand at animation or editing - there is always someone around to help.
We can also showcase your own work and enter inter-club competitions.

There are so many exciting things to learn and do - so come along and give it a try!
  MEMBERS FILMS 2015-16  
Apple Court
Apple Court - R/U Non Holiday
Assos Holiday
Assos Holiday - R/U Holiday
Little Birdie Flying High
Little Birdie Flying High-R/U 1 Min
Bison Country
Bison Country 1 Min
Broken - Theme
Apples - 5 Min
Crash Course
Crash Course - Theme Winner
Sound Cup
Diesel Deltics
Diesel Deltics - Non Holiday
Group Winner
Winner 5 min
The Farmer and his Truck
The Farmer and his Truck - Theme
Fire, fire
Fire, fire - Winner 1 Min
Glastonbury - R/U Travelogue
A Visit to Mwamba Waterhole
A Visit to Mwamba Waterhole
Travelogue Winner
Film of the Year
The Shard
The Shard
R/U Theme

Steamed up about Trains
Steamed up about Trains
Non Holiday
Mystery of the Stones
Mystery of the Stones R/U 5 Min
Concorde Cup
A Tale of two Stations
A Tale of Two Stations
The Vyne
The Vyne
Winner Non Holiday
The Wych Hill Way Cedar Tree
The Wych Hill Way Cedar Tree
Non Holiday
A Yorkshire Break
A Yorkshire Break
Winner Holiday

The big news for the end of the last season is that we successfully completed the recording
of the Austin Seven Owners Club Wallington to Brighton Run.
This was a magnificent achievement as just about everyone
contributed to it in some way or other.
A smaller and successful project was undertaken under the supervision of John Harwood for the benefit of Surrey Historical Buildings Trust.

Last year we were delighted to report that we made second place at the Albany Competition down in Haywards Heath Mid Sussex with Harry's scripted film "Rufus is Dead".
During 2016 we can glory in the winning of the interclub Triangle Competition by carrying away
the Triangle Trophy and the Croydon Plaque for the
best Film "Contemplation Animation."
Triangle 2016
The Triangle Trophies

Join fellow enthusiasts at our meetings at 8pm in St. Mary’s Church Hall
(opposite the church), London Road, Ewell.
You don't need to own one but if you do — bring along your camcorder!
Please Contact Norman Bulll 020 8337 8118


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