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Films shown at an evening with
 Chichester Film & Video Makers
January 23rd 2009


The Phone Call: Made by the club to fit the theme "Be prepared" for the North versus South competition in 2008. It was the audience's favourite choice but did not win the approval of the judges for it to go through to the final round. Phone calls can be expensive but this one must take first prize.

 A Room with a View: It took a tenacious effort by Bernie Dennison to record the London Eye in its various stages of construction right up to its official opening to the public in 2000 but this film was only finally put together in 2006.

 A Dream Come True: Many people have dreamed of owning a Rolls Royce and John Gannaway describes how his particular dream came true.

 Back to Work: After John Ellis, a retired master builder, moved into a bungalow down in East Preston, he found that the garage was not quite big enough to house his car. Thus he set about to modify the structure. The film follows the procedure from drawing board to digging foundations and construction. The entire process was completed by his own hand including the making of the film!

 A Senior Moment: This film made by Diggy Mottram amusingly illustrates the inevitable fate of the human mind as the years go by. Eve, Diggy's wife, superbly narrates and acts out a smile inducing poem.

 The Reunion: Another club film made to fit the North versus South theme "Faith Hope and Charity" in 2007. This was a particularly difficult theme to fulfil but Gay Keeble rose to the challenge and not only wrote the script but also produced a story board.

 On the Pull: Being a very busy professional free-lance film editor it's not often that we see anything from Bob Hayward but this off-the-cuff footage was put together in a very amusing and entertaining way.

 Just the Ticket: A film initially knocked together very quickly in a club evening to demonstrate the principle of the Chromakey effect. Previously shot outside stills were blended with material shot in the club hall and edited together, projected onto a screen, all within a couple of hours.